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First Bank App: What’s It About and Everything To Know in 2024

Within the Indian banking sector, it happens to hold an integral position as a prominent banking service provider and contributes to the economy. They belong to the private sector and are notable for offering premium banking solutions with positive customer fulfilment. Like all other banks, It has been strategizing on becoming technology-driven, which is being achieved through their iConnect IDFC app. This application is meant to connect customers and services and bring both parties closer. As a customer, having the app can be of great advantage since it consists of all possible banking facilities that you can access wherever and whenever. 

More on the Bank

Bank is a well-established bank today, that began its operations only as a project financer in the late 1980s. Its primary role was to immobilize capital to help with the development of private sector infrastructure and focused on assisting organizations financially. In 2005, the company was joined by Dr Rajiv Lall, who’s the person behind extended services like asset management and institutional broking. By 2013, the company requested a commercial banking license and received an in-principle approval in 2014 from RBI. Post-approval, the company introduced itself in the private banking sector. 

First Bank App Login Process 

The process of getting started with the app is simple and this is how things work: 

  • Start by installing your app and once available, launch it. 
  • The first page you’ll see on the app is the login window, that specifically asks for your login ID and password. 
  • Enter according to the space allotted and submit to find your dashboard on the next page. 
  • In case of an invalid password, you can try using the Forgot Password or by visiting the nearest bank branch. 

Best First Bank App Features to Expect 

  • Optimized Interface: When entering the homepage of the App, you’ll get to feel the premium interface and enjoy the intuitive app design. Besides, navigating around is a seamless task and users won’t be troubled by anything. Individuals who are technologically backwards will also have a good time over here. 
  • Safety Features: As a bank, needs to include safety features – which they do. So, customers are asked not to worry one bit and rather enjoy safe transaction procedures. 
  • Convenience and availability: Traditional banks operate only for a specific time and aren’t as convenient. To curb all kinds of inaccessibility issues, you can switch to the app for banking needs that’s also available 24*7. 


The app is a great initiative that’s benefiting both the bank and its customers. Simply put, banks get access to important data — most of which are analyzed to develop better services. Meanwhile, customers receive endless banking facilities that are accessible remotely – making it a win-win situation for all groups. From requesting and raising dispu


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