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ILGMS: A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Government Services

The Digital India project has seen the establishment of numerous internet initiatives by the federal and state governments. Citizens can now obtain a variety of government services without having to visit any government offices thanks to the program. In light of this, the Keralan government has also made the ILGMS available to its residents.

The beneficiary will have access to a number of government services with this login. You will learn how to access the portal by logging in. In addition, you will receive information on other significant facets of the plan. 

Highlight of ILGMS Portal

Name Of PortalKerala ILGMS Portal
Launched ByGovernment Of Kerala
Department NameLocal Self-Government Department
Objectiveto offer a range of services via a single platform
Started ForCitizens of Kerala
Mode of RegistrationOnline
Official Website

ILGMS Portal : An overview 

The Kerala State Government has created an online portal called the ILGMS Login Portal. The department is called the Department of Local Self Government. Applicants who would need more information on property taxes, acquiring a certificate of ownership, paying rent on buildings and land, or obtaining permits should visit this website.

As part of their ongoing efforts to transition to Digital India, the state authorities of the government of Kerala have launched this official website. Numerous options are available for making payments online. This website provides candidates with access to all the material.

Objective Of ILGMS Login Kerala Citizens

Given below are the few objective of using the ILGMS Portal are:-

  • The primary goal of the ILGMS Login Keralan Citizens is to make it possible for them to apply online for a variety of government services, including permits, marriage and death certificates, and other types of certifications.
  • Additionally, recipients will be able to follow their application.
  • This arrangement will lessen dishonesty.
  • Aside from that, recipients will have access to a range of government services from the comfort of their own homes.

Eligibility Criteria For ILGMS Portal Login

The details listed below can be used to learn more about the ILGMSPortal Eligibility Criteria.

  • The candidates have to be Kerala citizens for life.
  • The applicants must have the required paperwork in order to finish the registration procedure.

How to Register on ILGMS Portal

All eligible citizens should follow the steps outlined below to register on the Kerala ILGMS Portal.

  • First, applicants should visit the ILGMS Portal’s official website.
  • Click the Registration button immediately on the home screen.
  • Once the website is opened fill out the registration form with your personal details like name, birthdate, address, phone number, and other details.
  • Finally, press the Submit button located below.
  • The procedure of registering has now been finished.

ILGMS Portal Login Process

Follow the given below step to login into the ILGMS Portal

  • The first step is to go to the official website of the Integrated Local Governance Management System (ILGMS).
  • The home page will be shown on your screen.
  • It’s necessary for you to click the homepage’s login link.
  • And then your screen will open to a new page.
  • It is necessary to provide both your password and username.
  • The login button must then be clicked.
  • You’ll be able to access the portal by following this procedure.

How to Reset Username/ Password

Follow the given below to recover the username and password of ILGMS Portal

  • Check out the official Kerala citizen portal.
  • A pop-up window will show up when you click the login button.
  • The option to forget your password or username will be below.
  • You will be able to choose a new username after entering your Aadhar number and complete name when you choose a username.
  • Click the reset password button after entering your username if you’ve chosen a password.

Required Documents

Given below are the document required for ILGMS are:-

  • Aadhar card
  • Email ID
  • Mobile number
  • Username
  • Password 

Benefits Of ILGMS for Kerala Citizens

There are few benefits of using this portal are given below :-

  • The Kerala government has established the ILGMS Login for its citizens.
  • The public will have access to this page to register for different certificate
  • Every resident in every place will be covered by the site.
  • In addition, residents may browse other government initiatives using this webpage.
  • Through this website Users will be able to apply for licenses for various forms of commercial.
  • Through this platform, applicants will also be able to monitor the status of their applications.
  • This portal will ensure that services are provided in an open and corrupt-free manner.

Services Provided by

This Portal provides the following services.

  • Birth Death Marriage Registration, Online Certificates
  • Social Security Pension
  • Social Security Schemes
  • License and Permissions
  • Buddings
  • Taxes
  • Right to Information Act
  • Legal Assistance
  • Decentralized Planning
  • Public Safety
  • Good Governance
  • Application For Various Certificates

Contact Details

  • Information Kerala Mission, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • Phone Number: (+91) 471-2773160
  • Email ID:
  • Official Website URL:

In Conclusion

The ILGMS for Kerala Citizens, part of the Digital India initiative, facilitates easy access to government services. With a user-friendly online portal, citizens can apply for certificates, track applications, and avail various services, promoting transparency and reducing corruption. The initiative aligns with broader objectives of good governance and citizen empowerment.


Is it possible to submit the application offline?

Yes, it is possible to submit applications offline as well. Beneficiaries must visit the department office in order to submit an application offline.

How can I apply using this website?

To submit an application, users must navigate to the portal’s registration section.

Where may recipients go if they encounter any difficulties?

Benefits recipients should get in touch with the department office if they are experiencing any difficulties. You may also file complaints by calling the hotline number.

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