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The Correct Way to Use Facial Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

How do you keep yourself looking young? Well, it takes a good skincare routine to start with, as well as drinking enough water each and every day. It also requires that you use an effective facial sunscreen for sensitive skin and that you use it in the correct manner. 

Surprisingly, not everyone does so, meaning they don’t get full protection. As such, we thought we’d put this blog together to provide just a little insight into the proper way to use sunscreen for people with sensitive skin issues. We’ve added a few tidbits on top, too, for good measure. 

What To Consider When Using Facial Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin 

If you’re still at the buying stage, you need to ensure that facial sunscreen for sensitive skin you purchase is a mineral-based product. Containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, these super-gentle products are far gentler on your complexion than absorbed chemical brands. As such, they’re much less likely to cause irritation. 

Also, avoid anything with a fragrance. Manufacturers add them to make their sunscreens more attractive to you. However, they’re a known irritant, so you should give them a wide berth. 

Do a Patch Test to Be Sure For the First Time 

If you’re still worried about a potential allergic reaction, then it’s a good idea to carry out a patch test. Just apply a small amount on your wrist and wait for 24 hours. If no reaction or irritation occurs, you’re good to go, and you can apply it to your face with confidence. 

You also want a good amount of protection without going overboard, so make sure you get at least an SPF 30 with broad spectrum coverage that will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. 

You’ve Got to Use The Product Generously

To get effective coverage from your sunscreen, it needs to be used generously. That means using at least a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face. Skimping on it might mean your sunscreen lasts longer, but it’s then not doing what it’s meant for. They’re designed to be used liberally, so make sure you’re using thing amount and not a drop less. It also needs to be reapplied every couple of hours, so you can set an alarm for two hours on your phone, and then you won’t forget this important aspect. 

The sunscreen experts also tell us that you should make sunscreen part of your daily routine, even if you wear makeup. If that’s the case, apply your sunscreen first. Even if your foundation offers SPF protection, it’s not enough, so don’t skip it. 

Facial Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin Helps You Stay Looking Young

If you follow these guidelines, then your skin will undoubtedly look younger for longer, and when someone asks you for your secret – you can simply say sunscreen. People spend thousands of dollars every year on creams to make them look younger, but the real key is staying UV-safe while you still have young-looking skin. 

It’s nigh-on impossible to reclaim young, supple skin once it has gone, so do your skin a favor and give it the support it needs before it’s ravaged by the sun. Then the job of keeping that way will be so much easier than it otherwise would be. 


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