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Ways to Improve Cyber Security

Cyber industries are skyrocketing at a high pace. The tremendous growth of these industries brings along the inevitable risk of cyber threats and crime. Following preventive measures will assist you in locking the doors leading towards cybercrime.

  1. Get your team acquainted with cyber security warnings

Precise knowledge of weak spots and warnings of a cyber attack could help avoid a disaster. Generally, a weak password, phishing emails, unusual login activities, unusual sender addresses, etc. are wake-up calls for the team. Users can prefer SP0M which is a smart-edge solution crafted to present information on cybersecurity.

  1. Establish a multi-layer authentication

Multi-layered authentication involves more than one method of personal verification while signing or logging into your account. The initial step is the fundamental entering of your formerly generated password. The following step could be variable and unique to the organisation. For instance, it could be a simple step of clicking a provided link on the platform or it could be an OTP or code sent or your pre-entered phone number or email address. The involvement of multiple verifying steps makes sure that you are well shielded from hackers.

  1. Update software to upgrade security

Softwares are updated not only to inculcate new features and themes but also to embed security patches. These patches stabilise the vulnerability that could attract hackers. Set up your device on auto-update as it

might be frantic to regularly update all the applications. By this, you could unconsciously kick back many bugs and viruses providing entry to cybercriminals.

  1. Ensure your accounts are well protected by strong passwords

The stronger the password safer the data. setting up an adamant password is one of the most significant steps in achieving cyber security. However one cannot avoid the fact that with time it has become a weak spot, providing hackers access to confidential data. Therefore it’s time to stop taking passwords for granted and setting up determinable words like “password” or “12345”. Nowadays, the intelligence of hackers is touching the sky, which is crashing cyber companies to the ground. They are engaging AI tools to identify hidden information such as passwords. Writing a strong and unique password containing at least 8 characters with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters, like @,*, and #, would keep you miles away from early cyber threats.

5. Set up a well-trained red team

Red teams act as hackers or attackers for their own company to find vulnerabilities in the software. A vulnerable platform is way more easily trapped in the cage of cybercrime. The red team, find out the breakthrough before hackers and heal them within time.

Blue team is also appointed and its role is to monitor and investigate possible cyber threats. The “Security Operation Centre” is managed by this blue team.

6. Do not link with an unauthorised Wi-Fi network

The emerging concept of working from home has spread throughout the entire world. This allows remote employees to work from their comfort place which could be their home, mall or even a cafe. A workplace or an office follows protocols to secure its database. Using an unauthorized wifi network while working at places other than the office makes your device more susceptible to cyber threats. Hence one should avoid using random networks. In case you are left with no other options then protect your device with a VPN connection. This would blur out your viral data and internet history from the evil eyes of the criminals.

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