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Aunt Cass: An Overview About Big Hero 6 Character

You might know about Aunt Cass who played the primary role in the Big Hero 6 program. In this article, we are going to cover her role, appearances, history, her biography, facts, role of aunt and hiro hamada’s life, and even rumors related to aunt cass porn.

Who is Aunt Cass?

Aunt Cass may be a supporting character within the Big Hero 6 establishment. The character is presented with an attractive voice of Maya Rudolph. She is the hard-working and strong adoring close relative of Hiro Hamada and the late Tadashi Hamada, as well as the proprietor of the Fortunate Cat Café.You might have heard that Aunt checks your browser history which is not possible as she is a character in a popular series. Let’s get close to this strong and supportive character of Cass.

Aunt Cass Biography

She is the exhausted but always-supportive gatekeeper of brothers Hiro and Tadashi. The proprietor of a prevalent San Fransokyo pastry shop and coffee shop, She is pleased, vivacious and considers the world of her two virtuoso nephews. She’s continuously great for a snicker and prepared with a embrace, resolutely there for bolster and an incredible home-cooked meal.

She may be a caring lady who cherishes her nephews over all else. She is exceptionally adoring toward them, but knows when to be strict and firm when essential, and can get very frustrated and pushed by them. This can appear when she picks them up after they are discharged from jail. She embraces them and inquires on the off chance that they are affirm some time recently addressing them semi-strictly around how much they stressed her.

She appears exceptionally volatile, chatty, and is usually in a cheerful temperament. Aunt is additionally understanding and did what she could to assist Hiro through his sadness after Tadashi’s passing.

Aunt underpins and encourages the choices of Tadashi and Hiro whereas needing what is best for them, as she encourages Hiro to go to college because it is what Tadashi would have needed. Cass is glad of her nephews and isn’t perplexe to see it.

 Basic Data of Aunt Cass

Highlight MoviesBig Hero 6 Ralph Breaks theWeb (cameo)                                
AppearsBig Hero 6:The Series Baymax!                             
ArtistsMichael Franceschi
Voice Maya Rudolph 

Aunt Cass’s Hobbies

Other names Mother (by mascot robots)
Occupation Chef and proprietor of the Fortunate Cat CaféFood-fighter (once in the past)
DomesticLucky Cat Café, San Fransokyo
LikesHer nephews, cooking, heating, verse, Mochi, eating cakes, butterfish, Alistair Krei (once in the past), origami, working out, karaoke, her children
DislikesHer nephews getting into inconvenience, stretch eating/cooking, dating
Status Dynamic 

Family data 

Other relatives Hiro Hamada (most youthful nephew)Tadashi Hamada † (most seasoned nephew)
Children Noodle Burger Boy (receptive “child”)Hyper-Potamus(receptive “girl”)Crushroom (assenting “girl”)Hangry Panda (receptive “girl”)    
PetsMochi( cat)
Aunt Cass


Aunt Cass could be a caring lady who adores her nephews over all else. She is exceptionally cherishing towards them but knows when to be strict and firm when fundamental. This often appears when she picks them up after they are discharge from jail. She embraces them and inquires on the off chance that they are affirm some time recently addressing them almost how much they stressed her.

She appears exceptionally volatile, chatty, and is ordinarily in a cheerful disposition. Cass is additionally exceptionally business-savvy and hardworking from overseeing eatery and domestic at the same time, which has rubbed off into her firm but protective nature. She is additionally understanding and did what she could to assist Hiro through his misery after Tadashi’s passing.

She is underpins and energizes the choices of Hiro and Tadashi whereas needing what is best for them, as she energizes Hiro to go to college because it is what Tadashi would have needed. She is pleased with her nephews and isn’t perplexed to see it. Be that as it may, she too shows up to be or maybe careless, as Hiro was able to cover up Baymax from her and sneak out together, and afterward on, keep their exercises with Huge Saint 6 a mystery in spite of a few clear clues.

Aunt moreover features an imaginative streak, which she coordinates into her work. As a gifted chef, she can make numerous delightful dishes that have an extraordinary notoriety for the regulars at her eatery. She moreover comes up with extraordinary occasions held at the café to pull in modern clients, such as verse readings since of her cherish for verse. Also, Cass is athletic and likes to work out. This too makes a difference at her job as she is able to move with dexterity to require orders, serve food and carry the dishes, particularly when there are numerous clients at her shop.

In Baymax!, it is uncovered that Cass feels as if she must work energetically in order to require care of her family. It’s too uncovered that she encompasses a great relationship with the visiting clients at Fortunate Cat, such as Sayaka, but fears that taking days off would cruel her clients will go absent forever. However, Baymax in the long run makes a difference in overcoming these sentiments.

Role of Aunt Cass in Big Hiro 6

Aunt Cass shows up within the to begin with scene of the mini series. While working, she trips over a step stepping stool and sprains her lower leg. Her cry of torment cautions Baymax who comes to survey her damage. He powers her to rest upstairs and tells her that she would have to be near the café for five to seven days.

She does not need to disillusion her clients, so Baymax chooses to run the café for her. This does not ease Cass in any case. So, she joins a camera to Mochi and sends him to spy on Baymax, as if for the camera to dangle. So, she resorts to checking on Baymaz herself and, genuine to her fears, sees that he is performing as well gradually for the clients.

Aunt Cass


Hiro and Tadashi were arrest due to their involvement with bot-fighting. Cass was the one who paid for their releases. Then, she took them to a cafe where she made them understand how much effort she has given to raise both of them. While having this conversation, Cass had stressed out which resulted in her eating so much from the cafe. After hearing her speech, Tadashi tried to take Hiro out from the bot-fighting memory before Aunt eats everything in stress. 

Now, Hiro decides to enroll himself in San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and spends the next few months there. Here comes the university’s convention where Aunt met Hiro’s friends Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, and Tadashi was there with them.

Hiro went to give his presentation in that event that made him accepted into the university. This made Tadashi and Aunt Cass very proud of him and Aunt offered to throw a party at her cafe. But, destiny had decided something else! They went to their car and suddenly a fire started in the convention hall that took Tadashi’s life. 

Their life took huge turns after this phase. As Hiro went into depression, Cass tried to make him understand to move on. Hiro was not eating properly and not coming out of his room, so Cass decided to give him space. But, one fine day, Hiro came out of his room to register himself in college. She was happy by hearing this but Hiro had already decided something else.

Hiro went outside and returned back by a murder attempt by Yokai. Somehow, Hiro and his friends defeat Yokai and have him arrested. They’ve already lost the body of baymax during battle. After Hiro’s acclimation to college, he rebuilt Baymax and they both went to a cafe. Following this, She prepared lunch for Hiro and his friends. She was together with Hiro, Baymax, Mochi and other members of Big Hero 6. They all have attended the opening ceremony of a building dedicated to Tadashi.


Hiro Hamada

She is Hiro’s and Tadashi’s aunt. She is lovable to both of them but they made her upset because of their involvement in bot fighting. Cass is very supportive to both of them. Hiro and Cass went through an emotional breakdown when Tadashi left them. She has mourned the same as Hiro mourned. But, Cass has supported Hiro in this breakdown. Overall, the two have a positive relationship.

Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred

She has a friendly and positive relation with Hiro’s friends. However, after Tadashi’s death, they attend his memorial at her home and comfort them during their hard time. 

Tadashi Hamada

Aunt has raised Hiro and Tadashi after their parents died. Tadashi hated to make her upset and tried his best to make her proud. He also encouraged Hiro to do the same as Cass have did so many things for them.

Some Facts & Trivia About Aunt Cass

There are multiple facts and interesting rumors about this strong character of Big Hero 6. Let’s connect to those facts.

  1. A 2013 Video from Rotoscopers and its early plot revealed that Aunt Cass is not aunt to Hiro and Tadashi. In fact, she is their mother. This plot is close to the marvel comics of Big Hero 6, where Takachiho was Hiro’s widowed mother.
  2. Some conceptual artists have presented her appearance as she has white hair and a tattoo on her arm. But, these pointers have been removed later from her appearances.
  3. Another rumor which is spreading among audiences is that Aunt checks your browser history. Although it is not possible that Aunt saw your browser history because she is a fictional character.
  4. Some media personnel signify her name with Hamada surname which is not official in any terms.
  5. She has been popularly searched as Aunt Cass Porn which is not right. Her supportive personality has been animated in a different way.

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