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Get the full detail about the story Dejected Royal Daughter : Spoiler and know about the characters here

A literary series called the secret bedroom of a dejected royal daughter spoilers covers the life of Lewellyn, a princess who was formerly well-liked and respected by all before her father and fiancé abruptly deserted her. Every month, she must spend the night with a man or risk dying since she is cursed with lust. To deal with the dilemma, she creates her own private bedroom and invites several men to fulfil her wants there.

Characters and the Story:

With harem and R-19 scenes, the book is a blend of fantasy, romance, and drama. Armandite, a childhood buddy of Lewellyn’s who later returned as a hero of the Holy Sword, Tristan, a forthright and obedient knight commander who serves Lewellyn, and Ernel, a gorgeous but twisted holy priest with a hidden goal, are the three primary male characters in the book. They compete for Lewellyn’s love and attention because each of them has a different relationship with her.

The first man to enter in Dejected Royal Daughter : Spoiler Lewellyn’s hidden bedroom is Armandite. He is a friend from their early years who lived with them at the palace. Although he has always loved her, he was compelled to leave her when he was chosen to carry the Holy Sword. After serving in the war for years, he returns only to learn that Lewellyn has found another man to become engaged to. Even if it means sharing her with other men, he swears to look out for her and do everything in his power to make her happy.

Character of Tristan:

The second man to enter Lewellyn’s covert bedroom is Tristan. He is the knight commander that works for the present monarch, Lewellyn’s brother. He is brave, honest, and devoted, but he also has a distant and icy demeanour. Until he meets Lewellyn, he has no interest in dating or women. Her charm and attractiveness fascinate him, and he longs to have her all to himself. He frequently fights with Armandite because he isn’t afraid to compete for her affection.

Third man to walk inside Lewellyn’s covert bedroom is Ernel. The goddess of love and fertility is served by him as her holy priest. Though he has a dark and twisted side, he is also attractive, compassionate, and kind. He is not as innocent as he seems, and there is a reason why he is approaching Lewellyn. He desires to utilise Lewellyn for his own gain despite knowing the truth about her curse. He poses a menace to Lewellyn and her lovers since he is deceitful, manipulative, and dangerous.

The book also delves into the mysteries surrounding Lewellyn’s curse, her mother’s passing, and the political machinations that surround her. Lewellyn’s fate will change as a result of the book’s numerous turns and frightening revelations. Additionally, the book contains some mature scenes that are inappropriate for younger readers.


Readers who enjoy the fantasy, romance, and drama genres will enjoy the novel series Dejected Royal Daughter. You’ll be hooked till the very end by this book series.


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