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Gimkit Join/ Gimkit Live Join

Gimkit is an inspiring and exciting learning game that allows teachers and students to make multiple-choice questions from whatever topic area they want. This digital quiz-style game has an exciting feature of earning money (if the answer is correct). Through that earned money, the students can purchase different types of power-ups, including earning extra points for the correct answer, on strake can get additional points, and can get insurance in case of wrong answers. 

After every game, the teachers get reports of individual and group performances. The report helps teachers to understand the weak areas and the topics that need to be re-taught.

What is

Gimkit is an educational platform where students can learn with fun and Interact with others in learning activities. It is hand-crafted to transform the traditional teaching method into a new one to enhance learning skills. 

Gimtik is user-friendly and makes teaching easier. The students can participate in the game using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

Gimkit Live

Educators design this option for games and interactive puzzles. The students can join the game, compete with others, and play the entire game. 

Using the official site, teachers can go to Gimkit Live and take digital quizzes on any topic they want to cover. Assign quizzes as homework or use them as classroom tools.

Steps to start the game Gimkit live

  • Visit the official site of Gimkit.
  • To start Kit online, you need to follow certain steps. They are listed below.
  • For the Kit selection, click on the “Kits” button that you want to play.
  • Click on “Play Live” (green button)
  • From game options like Race, Time, and others. Select the one you want.
  • At that phase, you can also customize your time limit.
  • Choose the class that can play your kit.
  • Two options appear on your screen: Team and Classic mode.
  • For playing with one, select Classic, and with the team, choose Team mode.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • The game code will appear on your screen.
  • Students, using the official site of gym kit, can enter into limit code.
  • When every player is ready and enters the code, click on the gray button “Start game.”

Gimtik login requirements

  1. To play a game, you do not require an account.
  2. Only for creating and running the game must an account be created. By using your email address and Google account, you can sign up.
  • For students, you can log in using a date of birth.
  • For educators, you can log in using the country name, school name, and area code.


Gimkit is an interesting learning game that provides several benefits, like building teamwork spirit, and real-time feedback becomes easy, customizing the learning experience, building interest in learning, and many more. Students get valuable knowledge by using it.


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