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Exploring the Perks of a Modular E-House

A modular E-house is a prefabricated walk-in modular metal house/enclosure that houses protection and control panels, medium and low voltage, marshaling cabinets, battery banks, switchgear, and other auxiliary equipment. It can be delivered as a containerized version or a trailer-mounted solution to minimize transport costs and environmental impact.


E-Houses are modular power substations that house medium and low-voltage switchgear equipment and auxiliary systems. They’re prefabricated and delivered as a single unit, making them ideal for quick deployment or work that can’t be done at a site in person.

The e-house industry is growing rapidly. This is due to rising investments in infrastructure projects, remote end-user locations, and renewables growth in the energy mix. E-houses are also a cost-efficient solution with shorter lead times and reduced risk.

Unlike traditional concrete and brick structures, e-houses such as from BMarko Structures are designed, manufactured, assembled, and pre-tested in a factory setting, ensuring quality and less waste onsite. This leads to a shorter construction time and fewer delays caused by weather conditions.

Additionally, the ability to customize a container e-house makes it easy to tailor its layout and specifications to a specific project. Adding extra doors, air conditioning units, or special insulation is possible by working closely with a manufacturer to design the best solution for your needs. This ensures that you have exactly what you need when you need it.


An e-house is the ideal safe space to protect equipment in hazardous environments. Whether you’re working in the locomotive industry or mining, having an area to store your electrical supplies safely remains crucial for ensuring that your equipment is safe from potential dangers in the workplace.

Modular e-houses are pre-manufactured, fully tested walk-in modular power solutions that contain medium or low-voltage switchgear, marshaling panels, and breaker controls. They can be wheel or skid-mounted and delivered to the site ready to operate with minimum installation costs, risk, and work time.

They’re a cost-effective alternative to traditional onsite construction and help companies easily meet project timelines. They’re also incredibly portable and can be relocated to accommodate changing facility requirements without impacting the overall infrastructure. This allows businesses to scale and expand quickly, cost-effectively, and reliably. By consolidating critical equipment into a dedicated structure, you can improve the productivity and safety of your industrial operations. 


The advantage of an e-house is that it’s designed, engineered, and manufactured by one supplier rather than being constructed onsite. This reduces the amount of engineering and project management required, saving time. It also reduces the need for several suppliers to be involved, meaning that costs are also reduced.

Before being delivered, e-houses are thoroughly tested, reducing the risk of failure at the site. They are also easy to install and relocate, saving time and money and minimizing the impact on other work carried out at the site.

Modular e-houses are highly cost-effective compared to traditional onsite construction because they provide all the benefits of a power distribution substation in a much smaller footprint. They can be used to house LV and MV switchgear and ancillary equipment. They can also be connected to the ABB AbilityTM platform to track, monitor, and analyze performance remotely. This helps boost productivity and reduce the need for onsite engineers, lowering costs. It also improves safety by limiting access to potentially dangerous areas of the plant.


E-houses are built in a quality-controlled factory setting. This helps reduce construction lead times and allows for the installation of the equipment inside the building before it is shipped to the site.

This is a huge benefit for companies that operate in remote areas where it can be difficult to find qualified personnel to complete the stick-built construction of traditional powerhouses. In addition, a modular e-house can be easily relocated to meet your company’s changing needs.

Modular e-houses are built to protect your control systems from environmental hazards, including dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. This can prevent damage to the equipment and reduce safety risks for your employees. The house’s insulated environment will also help keep your systems functioning properly. This will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.


An e-house is a prefabricated power distribution solution built to house electrical equipment. It’s engineered, manufactured, and tested in a factory to reduce construction lead times and ensure quality control. The e-house is fully functional upon delivery to the job site, allowing for immediate use with minimal installation and commissioning costs.

Modular E-houses are a reliable choice for many industrial applications. Whether it’s an electrical control center for oil, gas, and mineral extraction facilities or room-to-house electric equipment in your processing plant, these units help to improve safety and reliability while reducing project risk.

Modular e-houses can be easily transported to the job site and relocated as the facility changes. They’re also scalable, which allows you to build the e-house that fits your specific electrical equipment and onsite footprint constraints. You can also improve worker health and safety by minimizing the number of people needed to operate the equipment. This ultimately results in a faster time to energization and helps you achieve your sustainability goals efficiently.


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