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Supply Admin Panel: A Comprehensive Guide to Meesho Supplier Registration

All citizens of the country will have access to Meesho’s numerous employment opportunities. Are you looking for a steady second source of income and are you one of them? From this point on, you should begin your tour of the Meesho eCommerce universe.

If you supply Meesho, you can sell your products and get paid within 15 days of delivery. Signing up and selling your stuff there is open to everyone. The best thing about the game is that all providers can profit from it without having to pay any commissions on sales—not even a single cent. The only form that has to be filled out is the Meesho Supplier Registration 2023. The steps for creating an account, logging in, and using the Supply Admin Panel are shown below:

About Supply Admin Panel

Supply Admin Panel is an adaptable platform that makes it easier for suppliers and a sizable reseller network to communicate. Increasing the number of customers that can purchase your products will help you as a provider make more money.

With all the information you require in the Supply Admin Panel login, you may go live and operate your business on the Meesho platform. This includes maintaining stocks, processing your product catalog, processing orders, and tracking payments.

With Meesho, you may sell in over 24,000 pin codes and 700 categories throughout India.

You also need to review the legal and policies section of the panel carefully to make sure that your product catalogues follow Meesho’s policies.

Documents Required to Register as a Seller on Meesho Supply Admin Panel

It’s simple to register your company on Meesho. Neither the amount of information needed nor the duration of the registration process are excessive. Make sure you have all these paperwork and requirements ready before registering on Meesho Supply Admin Panel login.

  • Financial Institution Account
  • Phone Number

Create a Meesho Seller Account on Supply Admin Panel

Follow the given step to create account on Supply Admin Panel are:- 

  • Check out Meesho’s webpage.
  • As indicated by the screenshot below, click the “become a supplier” button located in the screen.
  • You can register by entering your phone number on the registration page that the website directs you to. After that, select “Start Selling.”
  • You will need to input the OTP you received on your number on the Admin Panel page that follows. Your email address and password should be entered here as well.
  • Select the “I want to receive important updates on Whatsapp section” if you would like to receive app notifications. Press “Create Account” after that.

How to Use Meesho to Upload a Single Catalog

Follow the given below step to upload a Single order on Messho are:-

  • Choose “catalog upload” after logging into your supplier panel account.
  • and after that, choose “add single catalog.”
  • You now have to decide which category to join.
  • After completing that, you can include product photos. Make sure you just upload your products’ front faces. Meesho has fewer complicated photo criteria than other websites.
  • You can upload photographs from your system by clicking the “add product images” button. Just pick which ones you wish to upload.
  • Following that, a screen will appear where you can upload the uploaded photographs’ characteristics.
  • Make sure you enter all the necessary data accurately for every product.
  • You can submit the catalog after you have completed the details.
  • Finally, a dialog box asking you to validate the catalog for quality checks will appear. After this, you can select submit.

How to Use Meesho to Upload Catalogs in Bulk

Follow the given below step to upload a bulk order on Messho are:-

  • Choose “Catalog upload” from the options available on the provider panel.
  • The option to add a new catalog in bulk can then be selected.
  • The category of the objects you intend to upload must then be typed. For instance, Meesho will direct you to the appropriate main and subcategory selections if your product is a Kurti. Pick the most suitable option.
  • You will be able to download a template after choosing a category.
  • Access the Excel file that was downloaded.
  • When you open the first sheet, the format for filling out the Excel sheet will be visible. Pay close attention to and comprehend the instructions.
  • Go on to sheet 2 after that. Fill it out following the given guidelines.
  • Make sure no product is submitted more than once, either in the current sheet or in any previously supplied catalogs.
  • It should be mentioned that in order to upload your catalog, you must use the dropdown options located in several columns of the page.
  • After completing the form, go back to the website and send the file there.
  • Send the file in at the end.

Payment Option on Supply Admin Panel

You are paid on the fifteenth day after the date of delivery for each item, regardless of whether it was made online or using offline payment methods like COD. On the Supplier panel, you may view further details about your payments, including deposits and future payments.

Tips to Sell Better on Meesho

  • You should take excellent photos of your products before adding them to the Meesho app. Steer clear of dark, fuzzy pictures.
  • Price competitively to provide resellers a healthy profit margin. You will receive more shares on your catalogs if there is more room for the margin. 
  • List the products that are in great demand wherever possible. Indian women love Meesho for selling clothes, home goods, and trendy accessories.
  • The provider should maintain a stock level of 20 in order to lower the likelihood that orders will not be fulfilled. This guarantees that they have twenty units of each product size variant.
  • Increase the number of catalogs you publish because doing so will boost order volume.

In Conclusion

Supply Admin Panel offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals to enhance their income by selling products online. The platform’s user-friendly interface, transparent payment system, and extensive reach across India make it an attractive choice for suppliers. Follow the simple registration process and leverage the features provided to maximize your success on Meesho.

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