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Red Door Yellow Door: Revealing The Mystery of The Paranormal Game

The fascination with the strange and the unfamiliar have long captivated human imaginations. Among the many mysteries that have enthralled mankind is Red Door, Yellow Door. But what is this game precisely, and  Why does it have such a large following?Let’s take a look into the article to learn more about the Red Door Yellow Door game .

What is Red Door Yellow Door

Red Door Yellow Door, also called The Doors of Your Mind or Black Door, White Door, is a paranormal game in which one player, the “host,” uses constant pressure to the temples of another player to induce a mild trance in which the victim places their head in the host’s lap with their eyes closed and a constant stream of words, “red door, yellow door, any other color door.” When the guest enters a trance, the host shows them a corridor with numerous colorful doors. The guest then, while still in the trance, narrates their exploration of the doors and what they see inside. Helping the player emerge from the trance is another duty assigned to the host.

Rules to Play This game

Given below are the few rules to play Red Door Yellow Door that need to be followed are:- 

  • It takes at least two players to play.
  • Assign each participant a role.
  • It is suggested that one person assumes the role of the guide, while the other should enter a trance.
  • Additional payers have the ability to serve as witnesses for the entirety of the Red Door Yellow Door Game. 

How to Play Red Door Yellow Door

This game requires a minimum of two players. The subject is one, and the guide is the other. It’s possible for others to observe in silence.

  • Step 1: You must first sit on the ground, cross-legged, with a cushion on your lap.
  • Step 2: Now extend your hands skyward. You have to close your eyes to play this game.
  • Step 3: The guide starts to gradually massage your temples while saying, “Red door, yellow door, any other color door,” using circular motions of their fingertips. The other viewers in the room should begin to chant as well. too.
  • Step 4: Lower your arms when you see doors or a room in front of you and you feel yourself going into a trance. This is when the game will start and the chanting will stop.
  • Step 5: You are asked questions by the guide, who also prompts you to open doors and describe your surroundings. You should respond to any questions the guide poses.

Some Advice of How to Play Red Door Yellow Door:

  • It might be best to avoid interacting with anyone you come across in the rooms. They usually end up being nasty or attempting to deceive you.
  • Get out of a room full with clocks as soon as possible. A clock can ensnare you.
  • You have freedom of movement, yet it is preferable to travel upward as opposed to below.
  • It is usually recommended to choose lighter colored materials and items over darker colored ones.
  • If a man in a suit catches your eye and makes you uncomfortable, you should end the game immediately.

Remember that it is a mental game intended for amusement and fantasy exploration? It has nothing to do with paranormal activity or danger in the actual world. Savor the journey into the secrets of your mind!

In Summary

A fascinating psychological experiment that has gained popularity because it might disclose feelings and thoughts that are buried is the Red Door Yellow Door trend. It is imperative that users prioritize their mental health and proceed with caution when engaging with or researching this viral phenomenon.


What guidelines apply in this game?

A minimum of two participants are needed, one of whom must act as the guide and the other as a trance-inducing player. More participants can act as witnesses. Inducing a trance, the guide massages the temples with repetitive sentences.

When playing Red Door Yellow Door, are there any safety measures or recommendations?

Refrain from engaging with characters in your mind, particularly ones who could be lying. If you find yourself in a trap, make yourself wake up. It is advised to move upward, and meeting a man wearing a suit can mean the game is about to end.

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