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LMS NWKRTC IN: Leave Management System

Bus drivers and managers of State Road Transport Corporations no longer have to stand in front of officials for leave. Leave requests can be submitted online on the spot!Such a system has been implemented by the Transport Department. In this article we are going to discuss about lms nwkrtc in, its login pross, requesting holiday etc.


LMS NWKRTC IN is an online portal for the North-West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation, where all the employees of Karnataka Road Transport Corporation can apply for the leave and can also check the status of their leaves too.This is Portal is runned by the government of Karnataka.

LMS NWKRTC IN Login Process

Follow the given below step to LMS NWKRTC IN Login Process:-

  • Visit the official website or click on the link https://lms.projectpeople.com/ 
  • Once the website is opened then enter the Personal Information like:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Once the details have been entered successfully then click on the Login button.

Process to Recover Your Password

Follow the given below step to recover the password of lms nwkrtc in portal are:-

  • Visit the official website or click on the link https://lms.projectpeople.com/ 
  • Once the website is opened then enter the Personal Information
  • And if you have forget your login password then you don’t have to panic.
  • Just look for “FORGET PASSWORD” Button on the website, which is located on the left down side of the website.
  • Once found the “FORGET PASSWORD” Button click on it it will launch a new page.
  • Where you have to enter your register email id and click on the “SEND” Button.
  • In a few seconds you will be receiving an email with a resetting password link.

Category of Leave on LMS NWKRTC IN

LMS nwksrtc.in Leave management System also only the given three types of Leave are:-

  • Annual leave to be requested and canceled
  • Annual leave to be approved by managers
  • The automatic calculation of remaining holiday allowance

Lmsnwkrtc.in Process for Requesting Holiday:

Follow the given below step to request for holiday on the portal lms nwkrtc in are:- 

  • Step 1: To log in, lmsnwkrtc. in enter your email address and password. The Dashboard will be given to you immediately.
  • Step 2: The Submit Leave Request form on the Dashboard can be used to request annual leave.
  • Step 3: The number of holidays allotted for the year and the number of holidays left are shown under My Leave Allowance. Additionally lmsnwkrtcin shown are any pending requests with the management.
  • Step 4: Choose the appropriate start and finish dates when requesting the holiday, and the total number of working days will be computed automatically. To add a remark to the request, click Check Details (you may also leave this field empty).
  • Step 5: Verify the dates you have chosen and press Confirm.

An email confirming that they have a pending holiday request to approve will subsequently be forwarded to the approver. An email will be issued to confirm receipt of this once it has been approved or refused by the final approver, who may be the second level approver in some circumstances.

After logging in lmsnwkrtc. in and selecting My Leave after receiving the email, the holiday request—along with the approval or rejection status—will be visible.

  • Step 6: After approval, this will also be updated on the DashBoard’s Leave Allowance:

Lmsnwkrtcin Process of Canceling Holiday

On the top toolbar, select My Leave to cancel any leave. Then, every leave request made in the past will be visible:

  • Please select Cancel to end this session.
  • For the three alternatives listed below, approvers will need to execute the following steps.
  • Before it has been approved by the first approver: .The approver doesn’t need to do anything.
  • Once it has been approved by the first approver and is with the second approver: .There is no need for the approver to take any further action as this holiday request has not been verified.
  • Once it has been approved by the second approver: The final approver, who will approve the cancellation via email, will be the only person whose action is necessary. After then, the holiday will not be included in My Leave.


LMS NWKRTC IN streamlines leave management for Karnataka Road Transport Corporation employees. With a user-friendly interface, the portal facilitates leave requests, approvals, and cancellations. The system’s efficiency lies in its seamless login process, password recovery, and automatic holiday allowance calculations, enhancing overall workforce management.

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