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Connecting Chinese Expats Worldwide with Home Entertainment

Have you ever missed home when living abroad? Chinese diaspora worldwide may now use i-fun app, a streaming service. Chinese expats have i-fun app, launched in 2019, for entertainment with a wide range of Chinese films, dramas, and more. 

This platform’s dual-language UI, high-quality video, and device adaptability set it apart. This blog post will explain what makes i-fun app unique, how it varies from other streaming services, and what premium features are offered. Let’s visit i-fun app’s virtual halls and discover the qualities that draw Chinese fans worldwide.

Overview of i-fun app

Online streaming provider i-fun app competes with Amazon Prime, ifuntv and Netflix. Unlike other networks, it was developed for Chinese expats. It offers many Chinese movies, TV series, and dramas.

In 2019, the platform was created to serve the worldwide Chinese community. Its free and premium versions make it more valuable than other platforms. Because of its enormous content selection that spans many hobbies, i-fun app and can satisfy many people’s entertainment demands.

Features of i-fun app 

Many unique features make i-fun app more entertaining to use. A complete list of this platform’s features:

Interface and Compatibility

You may use i-fun app in Chinese or limited English. Native Chinese speakers and beginners will find it straightforward to use. Many PCs, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs are compatible with i-fun app. Any of these devices may access it. Viewers may watch their entertainment on their preferred devices.

High Quality

i-fun app delivers the most important component of any watching experience—visual quality. The platform employs cutting-edge technologies for optimal video quality. High-definition, full HD, and 4K are available to clients.

Various Collocations

i-fun app has an extensive library of movies, TV shows, anime, and other material. Since the collection is updated often, customers may always find relevant and popular stuff.

Free vs. Premium

i-fun app has free and premium versions for various budgets and tastes.

Free Verison

The free version includes these features:

  • Viewing a vast collection of Chinese TV shows and films without restrictions
  • Countless premium videos and hours of free internet TV.
  • Personalized wish lists and saved items for later viewing
  • The maximum video quality is 480p.
  • After 15–20 minutes of uninterrupted watching, ads will appear.

Premium Version

Features of premium verison:

  • Up to 4K video adaptability
  • Making TV shows downloadable for offline watching
  • Ability to find and choose videos
  • A function that shields private online surfing.
  • No Advertisement
  • At 15 euros per month and it’s affordable.


Finally, i-fun app is a lighthouse for the Chinese diaspora seeking interesting and diversified entertainment that may help them connect to their origins. It provides a comprehensive streaming experience with its extensive content library, user-friendly interface, and high-quality video. 

Customers may choose between free and premium memberships to suit their likes and budgets. Through i-fun app, individuals far from home may experience Chinese movies and television. The company’s devotion to upgrades and technology makes this possible. You may join a global cultural mosaic by watching i-fun app episodes.


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