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IndyCall apk – Download Free Apk for Your Android Devices

IndyCall apk is the ideal software for you if you have friends and family in India. To all of your Indian contacts, you may use it to make free, high-quality calls without using credits or paying any additional fees. Get in touch with your loved ones while enjoying hassle-free calling.

Millions of people use the well-liked IndyCall apk , which has received excellent reviews and high ratings in the communication area. Simple registration is required to use all of the capabilities of the application using your phone number. Don’t worry if you run out of free minutes; you can make more by completing surveys and viewing commercials. Let’s now examine the primary characteristics that distinguish it from other communication apps.

What is the IndyCall APK?

Indycall apk users may make free calls to individuals in India. All users may readily access the basic standard version since it is available for free download. This version was created by IndyCall. You are only given a certain number of free minutes for calls in this edition; if you want more, you may earn them by completing surveys and viewing advertisements.

Please be aware that with the regular version, advertisements could air while calls are being made. The software is well-optimized, ensuring lag-free performance during calls. It provides a smooth experience and is accessible to everyone because of its straightforward user interface.

Indycall App Overview

App NameIndyCall Mod Apk
Latest Versionvl.16.50
MOD InformationFree calls to India
Get it onGoogle Play
UpdateMay 13, 2023 (2 months ago)

Know more about indycall apk old version

It is not common for the latest version of an app to create issues while installing on old device. Although there are some new versions of applications may not work with your device due to some technical restrictions. You can try out using indycall apk download old version until the developer fixes the issue. If you need to work on IndyCall, check out the app’s old and latest version. This contains all the file versions available to download from Up to down for that app. Download rollbacks of Indycall for Android. Any version of it distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and can be downloaded at no cost.

How does the Indycall Mod APK work?

Moreover, a modified indycall mod APK version of the program is accessible for free, and it contains exciting capabilities that are not available in the original edition. Although it comes with unlimited free minutes, there is no need to pay for minutes or put up with interruptions while using the modified version. The best aspect is that there are no commercials and that you may use all premium features and choices without having to pay for them. 

How do you use indycall?

IndyCall is a simple app, and making calls is very easy. Like your basic Phone app, all you need to do is dial the number you want to call. You can also choose numbers from your contact lists. Once done, the call starts immediately. As mentioned, the app works for all Indian numbers. However, you can also make international calls. If you have enough credit.

  • Launch the app on your phone.
  • Use your current login information to log in or make an account.
  • Ensure your internet connection is dependable.
  • You can choose a contact from your phonebook or dial an overseas number using the keypad provided by the app.
  • Press the call button, then be patient as the connection establishes.

You can earn credit for making calls by watching ads. The limit for each call will be displayed when dialed. Of course, the duration of your call depends on the number of credits you have earned. If you want to skip ads and duration limits, you can pay for IndiMinutes with real money. Note that each indiminute is a one minute call.

The app requires an internet connection for calls. Additionally, you must dial +91 before the local telephone number. IndyCall does not require registration, but you can register your phone number if you wish. Now that you have app download, enjoy your free international call. It’s that easy!

Install Indycall mod apk version on mobile

IndyCall is a free Android app APK Indycall mod apk version that can help you make calls to India at free of cost. Users won’t need any debit card or credit card or list any form of payment, as you will not need to insert the number to make the call. To install this APK version you can follow below given steps:

  1. Open your mobile and visit the settings menu.
  2. Go to the unknown sources and turn it on.
  3. This act will turn the unknown sources on to download unknown files.
  4. Now, go to the web browser and visit the web browser.
  5. Enter indycall apk , you will be redirected to a web page,
  6. Click on any link from the top searches.
  7. Once you click on the link you will see the download button option.
  8. Click on the download button and latest version download will be installed on your device.
  9. Now visit the menu of your device and click on this application.
  10. Once you click on the app, it will ask you to click on install.
  11. Click on the install button and the application is ready to use.

Features of Indycall APK File

  • Indycall – free calls to india: You may call any Indian number for free with the IndyCall apk. It’s crucial to remember that the phone number you intend to contact must begin with the +91 Country Code. 
  • Limited Free Minutes: As soon as you use the app, you’ll get a certain number of free call minutes. Once you’ve used up all of your free minutes, you’ll have to spend real money to get more. 
  • Gain Minutes Via Rewards: You may earn additional minutes by viewing advertisements and taking surveys if you want to make more calls without having to pay for them. You are able to maintain communication with your Indian friends and connections thanks to these benefits. 
  • Advantages of Membership: By adding your phone number, you may join the community and have access to exclusive benefits. This makes you an ongoing member of the Indycall community and grants you access to all the features of the app as well as a customized caller ID. 
  • Free Calling with Surveys: For users who would rather not spend money, the app offers a fantastic chance. They have the opportunity to earn free minutes by completing surveys and watching advertising, guaranteeing that everyone may stay connected without facing any financial hardship. These features are some top features.

IndyCall is a free-of-cost communication platform for mobile that allows audiences to create phone calls on any Indian number. However, the cost is covered by the commercial advertisements that you see. The number of minutes per call depends on the number of credit points that you earn by watching ads. The app works in unique way than mainstream messaging apps like Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp. With IndyCall, the other party doesn’t need an app. You just have to dial their number.

A useful app for making calls without paying for them is indycall – free calls to india. If you have access to VOIP services and an internet connection, you may use the app to call any Indian number. While the ability to earn call credits by watching commercials might occasionally be a bit irritating, it pays off since you avoid having to pay call rates. 


  • Calls to any Indian number are free.
  • international calls are possible.
  • There is no necessity that both parties use the app.
  • a simple to use interface.


  • Occasionally have connectivity problems while on calls.
  • Occasionally, the software is utilized to place spam calls.
  • Only the United States and Canada may make international calls. 


International calling is revolutionized by the IndyCall, which offers a practical and affordable alternative. With its exceptional features, broad worldwide coverage, and dedication to call quality, it makes it possible to communicate with loved ones without having to worry about expensive call rates. Just download, install, and use it as directed in this article to take advantage of free international calls.

Important Note: This program contains advertising that could annoy you after extended use by interrupting your calls. The good news is that we have it for you! The IndyCall apk is now available at Apkloo.com. You may get infinite Money and Credits by utilizing this version, which is also ad-free. You may use this Mod Apk with complete confidence since your privacy and safety are our top priority. To give you the finest and most secure experience possible, our committed staff at Apkloo.com works relentlessly. Don’t forget to go over our website’s large selection of applications, many of them are intended to make your daily duties easier. Visit them right away!

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