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Tips For Successfully Passing The PMP Certification Online

Earning your Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is a great way to advance your project management career. In today’s world, many professionals choose to study for and take the PMP exam online. While online certification has many conveniences, it also presents some unique challenges. Here are 5 tips to help you successfully pass the PMP certification online exam when taking it online:

  1. Find A Dedicated Study Space

When studying online for the PMP, it’s important to designate a specific area in your home as your study space. Try to avoid studying from your bed or couch, where you may be tempted to relax instead of focus. Your study space should be quiet, free from distractions like TV, and have good lighting. Studying in the same dedicated space each time will help you get into a productive mindset.

  1. Develop A Study Schedule

Creating a schedule is key when preparing online for the PMP exam. Block out specific times during your week to study each chapter or topic. Treat your study schedule like any other important appointment. Sticking to your schedule will help you learn the material in an organized way over time instead of cramming last minute. Allow extra time for practice questions and mock exams as your exam date approaches. 

  1. Use Study Tools Effectively

Leverage the study tools available to you as an online PMP student. Reputable exam prep providers offer mobile apps, flashcards, audio lectures and more to engage with content in different ways. Mix up your study methods to keep it interesting. Don’t just re-read chapters – take practice questions, listen to lectures during your commute, and use memory tools. Interacting with study materials in various formats will reinforce your learning.

  1. Take Breaks Regularly

It’s easy to burn out when studying long-term for an exam online from home. Be sure to take short breaks every 60-90 minutes to recharge your brain when preparing for the PMP. During your breaks, stand up, get a snack, talk to someone or look out the window. Taking breaks will refresh your focus and attention when you return to studying. It’s also important to schedule full days off from studying to avoid exhaustion before the big exam day.

  1. Practice Testing Is Paramount 

Nothing prepares you like actual practice exams. As your exam date nears, block out full days to take practice tests in a simulated testing environment. Time yourself strictly and take breaks as you would during the real exam. Reviewing your practice tests, including questions you got wrong, is key to identifying knowledge gaps. Repeated practice testing will boost your confidence and ensure you are ready to pass the real PMP exam online.


With dedication to an organized study schedule and effective use of available tools for project resource management, any professional can successfully prepare to pass their PMP certification exam online. Earning your PMP opens the door to more project management opportunities and career advancement. Commit to following these tips to feel prepared and confident on your big exam day.


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